Fastest modeling tool for piping systems

ISOtracer will help you save valuable time generating piping models from isometric drawings.

50% faster modeling

Click instead of type. You can now built your model by clicking along the pipe routing instead of manually inputting every pipe piece in your pipe stress package. The nodes are automatically marked on the isometric including lengths and element type.

Intelligent–Routing© The built-in Intelligent-Routing© capability allows for even faster modeling. Changes in direction are automatically recognized. The user only has to prompt the right length and everything else is taken care of by the software.

Automatic Markings

Node numbers and element lengths are automatically marked on your isometric including interactive continuation labels on connecting isometrics. Markings can be hidden or shown individually or as a group to improve readability of the marked-up isometric.

Custom Markings can be placed on every isometric to indicate specific issues, comments or support loads.

Export for Pipe Stress and Flow Analysis

The created 3D-model is exportable to many of the common engineering packages for analysis. Examples of these packages are the pipe stress software packages such as CAESAR II, AutoPipe, Rohr2 and TriFlex and the flow and pulsation packages such as BOSfluids and BOSpulse.

The exported 3D-model includes beside the pipe routing also all other marked-up elements such as Supports, Valves, Bends, etc. When imported the model is immediately ready for analysis saving an enormous amount of time.

Interactive 3D-model

While you are tracing the isometrics, the corresponding 3D model is created and displayed. The 3D model is immediately accessible and helps you navigate through your stack of isometrics in a structured manner. Through the continuous visual display of the 3D-model a fast overview of the system can be obtained.

Interactive Connect. Through Interactive Connect© the 3D-model is connected to the tracings on your isometric. By clicking on a node in the 3D model automatically the corresponding isometric is shown and avisa versa. This allows for very fast navigation and easy troubleshooting.

Superior Quality Control

Node numbers and element lengths are automatically marked on your isometric including interactive continuation labels on connecting isometrics. Since the node numbers and lengths are the ones actually used in the model it becomes very easy and visual to verify the model for errors.

Clear Communication. Markings are clearly visible on the isometric and are no longer depended on the handwriting of the Engineer. This avoids confusion and reading difficulties. Custom Markings provide the engineer with the possibility to put comments and remarks on the isometric that are highlighted and well readable.

ISO Management

ISO Management With the IsoManager–tab all available isometrics are easily accessible and manageable. All isometrics that are part of the system are kept together in one place. Isometrics can simply be added, deleted, renamed and replaced. This can be done per individual isometric or for a group of isometrics. It is possible to upload isometrics in various formats such as (multiple page) PDF, PNG and JPEG.

One-click continuations. When the system consists of several isometrics interactive continuation labels are automatically created on connecting isometrics. By clicking on one of these interactive continuation labels automatically the corresponding isometric will be displayed. It is no longer necessary to search through your stack of isometrics for the right continuation!

Exporting. There are many exporting options for the created marked-up isometric. An isometric or group of isometrics can be printed, exported to PDF, PNG or JPEG. It is possible to control the font characteristics, size of the drawn supports and hide markings individually or as a group. This allows for many great and new ways of communicating.

Paperless. Since all isometrics are scanned and marked up digitally there is no longer need to print stacks of isometrics. This might result in a significant printing cost reduction.