Getting Started by watching the Introduction


This demonstration of ISOtracer explains how to start tracing your isometric. Node markings are easily placed and the intelligent routing feature automatically detects the direction of your model.

Search and Select Nodes/Elements
This demonstration of ISOtracer explains how to search and select Nodes/Elements.

Inserting and Removing Nodes
This demonstration of ISOtracer explains how to insert and remove nodes.


How can I hide a number-marker of an individual node?
How can I hide individual element (pipe) length markers?
How can I unhide node or element (pipe) markers?
It seems I cannot hide all marker types.
It seems I cannot delete all marker types.
I do not want element data to be shown on my ISO's when I export them to a pdf (or images).
ISOtracer uses shortcuts to speed up the markup process. Can I get a list?
How can I find a particular node or element?
I cannot seem to export my model to a CAESAR II neutral file.
I want to use a different font (size) on my ISO's.
I want the supports on my ISO's to be shown larger/smaller.
How can I inactivate the welcome page?
Can I pay on a monthly basis?
Can I hand the license over to somebody else?
Can I get a refund for the months that I am not using the software?

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